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Seryato US Siyato Mattress 2016 Dream Micro Movie Contest Press Conference

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Seryato US Siyato Mattress 2016 Dream Micro Movie Contest Press Conference

On the evening of March 19th, 2016, the press conference of the 2016 “Dream” micro-film contest of American Xia Tu mattress was held in Shunde District, Foshan City. Guests from all walks of life and media friends and distributors from all over the country gathered together to witness this historic moment.

Guests from all walks of life gathered together

Seryato Thea "Dream" Microfilm Contest by Angel Dream (USA) Home Group [now Siyato (USA) Home Group] and Foshan Angel Dream Furniture Co., Ltd. [now Xiya Tufoshan City Xiya Diagram Furniture Industry Co., Ltd.] hosted by Foshan Aotee Advertising Co., Ltd. Based on Foshan and looking at the world, the contest is based on the theme of “Micro-creative big dreams”. It calls on everyone to express their true dream stories through lens and audio-visual creativity. In addition, this competition has a high degree of public participation, as long as it has a dream. Whether it is a teacher, a student, a screenwriter, a white-collar, a director or an actor, seryato can create a platform for them to explore their own abilities and thinking, and show their self-worth; this competition also attracted Sina, Tencent, Foshan. The high attention of dozens of authoritative media such as the Daily News, Guangzhou Daily and Southern Metropolis Daily can be said to be social, artistic, entertaining, communicative, professional, authoritative and integrated, with a wide range, wide spread, and huge Social value.

The moderator announced that the press conference will officially begin.

At the press conference, Deng Fenguang, general manager of Xia Tu Mattress China, delivered an important speech and expressed his gratitude for the support of the company's mattress dealers over the years. He reviewed the struggle of the corporate team and showed it. Confidence in the great blueprint for the future of Siato Seryato.
"Now our company is doing quite well. I am now more willing to help those who have dreams and dreams to help them realize their dreams. This time through this micro-film contest, I hope everyone can be active. Participate in, or directly participate in scriptwriters, actors or their stories as the theme, through the screen to achieve their minds. Whether a company succeeds or not, should not forget the original, serve the community, serve the public ". The United States Xia Tu mattress Deng Fenguang mentioned in an interview with this newspaper. He also said that this is the wish of him and his wife, Siyato, deputy general manager Huang Xiaomin for many years, and received a round of applause from the venue.
Deng Fenguang, General Manager of the United States Xia Tu Mattress China, gave a speech on the "Dream" theme microfilm press conference
Director of the Economic Research Center of the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Wang Qiangdong, President of the Guangdong Private Economic Development Research Association, and Mr. Zhang Guofeng, Assistant to the President of the Guangdong Association of Industry Associations, respectively delivered speeches, affirming the achievements of the Seaya mattress and the society. Influence and expressed support and expectations for microfilm, congratulations on the success of the microfilm contest. Professor Wang also took the opportunity to share with you the current economic situation in conjunction with the two spirits that the Central Government has just concluded.
Mr. Wang Qiangdong, President of the Guangdong Provincial Economic Association, Guangdong Private Economic Development Research Association, and Phoenix Satellite TV’s “Finzhi Jingyinghui” special commentator
Mr. Zhang Guofeng, Assistant to the President of the Federation of Guangdong Industry Associations, delivered a speech
At 19:30 in the evening, the launching ceremony of the microfilm contest began on time. Deng Fenguang, general manager of the United States Xia Tu China, Huang Guilin, general manager of Foshan Aotee Advertising Co., Ltd., Wang Qiangdong, director of the Economic Research Center of the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, and Lin Shenghua, president of the Foshan Branch of the China Yijing Association, and other guests took the stage to launch the crystal. The ball announced the official launch of the microfilm contest.

Start the crystal ball ceremony

The American Siyato mattress (Seryato) was founded in 2003. With the aim of “Creating Quality Sleeping by Science and Technology”, it brings the deep cultural connotation of passion, humanity, technology, health and taste to the sleepers to create a high-end mattress leader. Brand.
At the press conference, Yang Cheng, director of mattress marketing for the United States, took the opportunity to award medals to outstanding distributors, encouraging all major dealers to create greater glory in the new journey.
Deng Fenguang, General Manager of the United States, Xia Tu Mattress China, and a group of excellent dealers
Yang Xiyang, Director of Mattia Mattress Sales, USA, presented awards to outstanding distributors
In addition to the important day of the Xia Tu mattress "dream" micro-film press conference, it was also the first day of Xia Tu's participation in the 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Fair. From the morning, visitors to the Xiyatu mattress exhibition hall are in a constant stream. The strong corporate strength and dedicated sales team let Xia Tu take good results on the first day of the exhibition, with many new dealers. A cooperation agreement was reached.
Lively American Xia Tu Exhibition Hall
A corner of the United States Xia Tu exhibition hall
This micro-film contest begins on March 19th, 2016 and ends on December 25th, 2016. At that time, the audience will have the opportunity to appreciate the unique micro-movie presented by this American Seaya mattress across the border. Good work, stay tuned.
The guests and the organizers gathered together.
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