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Seryato Mattress: Creating a top-notch sleep experience for the customer first

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Xiya Tuo - focusing on the manufacture of high-end mattresses for 17 years, with the goal of "Technology creates quality sleep", leads the sleep trend through technology, brings high quality sleep quality to the public, and absorbs the production skills of the world in a sincere and refined manner. The essence, the ridge sleep products designed for Asians. Using high-quality imported raw materials, combined with modern innovative technology and sophisticated ergonomic data analysis, carefully selected materials, ingenuity, high quality and good quality.
Working with many five-star hotels to bring comfortable sleep to the public
It is understood that Xiyatu has reached a strategic partnership with many five-star hotels and is committed to bringing a comfortable sleep experience to the world. As you get older, your sleep habits gradually develop, and the sleep experience on the go becomes especially critical. The Seaya mattress allows guests to enjoy the ultimate comfort while on the go, and have a good night's sleep.
"Circulating Breathable Sleep System" is born for deep sleep
Based on professional market research, the general urban population has accelerated the pace of life and the quality of sleep is getting lower and lower. I often write reports late at night, the meeting is open until midnight, I go to work and sleep, the night is full of energy, not enough to sleep, sleep well, insomnia and dreams... It is a sleep problem that occurs every day in the emerging era. The ideal sleep in people's minds has risen from comfortable bedding to the entire sleeping environment.
A set of scientific and environmentally-friendly bedding system consists of four major components: bed frame, mattress, row skeleton and bedding. The lack of small parts will affect the quality of sleep; a good sleep system, only the overall mutual fit and connection, In order to play the real role of scientific sleep.
The professional R&D team of Xiyatu, for the deep sleep needs of different classes, after years of repeated research and testing, the fundamental problem of the traditional mattress in use, the first "circular ventilation sleep system" patent, each place The details are refined to improve people's deep sleep, improve the quality of sleep for all, and present a higher quality lifestyle.
Environmentally friendly breathable latex, core technology empowers high quality of life
Xia Tu pursues high-quality life, using the universal shape and precise computer cutting technology to process the edge protection and venting technology, which can effectively improve the comfort of the edge of the mattress and effectively improve the air permeability of the mattress by 20 times. Above, improve the service life of the product.
Xia Tu selects the latest 3D breathable mesh fabric and imported latex on the market. It adopts a special six-sided hollow mesh structure, which is highly breathable. Air and water molecules can flow freely to form a hot and humid micro-circulating air layer, which is dry and comfortable. . It has changed the environment of traditional cotton wool and sponge mat which is easy to absorb moisture, mold, odor and aphid.
The mattress adopts high-density FoamBox edge protection system to effectively prevent the mattress from collapsing and expand the use area by 30%, which greatly improves the service life of the mattress. Each layer of different support points configuration, moderate hardness, adapt to a variety of human body curves, withstand different weights of the population, so that the waist and neck are better supported. Have a good quality of sleep.
The innovative patented technology of Xia Tu, the design of the circulation and ventilation, effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives you a comfortable and sweet dream. This technology breaks through the traditional mattress materials and production process, and saves people's sleep health, making the mattress more clean and hygienic, healthy and comfortable, giving five-star sleep enjoyment to different people.
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Siatu Mattress: Creating a top-notch sleep experience for the customer first