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"Strongs are galloping, big dreams can be made" US Seryato mattresses and Mercedes-Benz have reached a strategic cooperation

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The strategic layout of “Guangdong Foshan City”, “Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District” has been actively carried out. Such good news is even more gratifying for Foshan in the center of the Pearl River Delta. Foshan, which has such a bright future, attracts the investment and investment of some foreign-funded enterprises. It is also a uniquely-oriented foreign-invested enterprise that chooses to cross-border brands and strengthen alliances to achieve the goal of “advance layout and seeking mutual benefit”. Strive for more opportunities for new ecological strategic cooperation.
On March 4, 2019, Xia Tu mattresses and Mercedes-Benz and Renfu China held a grand strategic cooperation signing ceremony at Foshan Renfu Automobile Headquarters. The three brands are strong and united to create a new cross-border gameplay. This signing cooperation, the "new generation partner" cross-border alliance was officially launched, aiming to jointly cultivate channels and markets, build a million large businesses, and jointly explore new cross-border cooperation propositions. In line with the development of the new era, the concepts of the three brands coincide, and the strategies of product positioning, R&D ideas and terminal services are negotiated and integrated. This is the opportunity and motivation for the three major brands to unite for the future of both parties. Development has opened a new page.
US Xia Tu mattresses and Mercedes-Benz have reached a strategic cooperation

About Thea Graph / Synchronized with the World

The company, the American mattress brand, is the brand creator of the presidential suite series. The products are made of the original imported mattress series in the United States, and the combination of domestic mattresses and soft beds has become a strong sales product line. 12 years of international trade experience, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, America and other places; won 2 international patents (Nine District Ridge Protection Sleep System and Breathable Circulatory Sleep System), so far, Xiyatu Global Brand Store has Up to 198.
US Xia Tu mattresses and Mercedes-Benz have reached a strategic cooperation

About Renfu / Synchronize with the world Refresh technology height

Founded in 1832, the Jardine Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and is a Fortune Global 500 multinational company. Renfuxing Co., Ltd. is a member of the Jardine Matheson Group. Since 1954, it has been the sole agent of Mercedes-Benz and has achieved brilliant achievements and honors. Renfu China currently has a layout in many places in the Pearl River Delta, aiming to spread the market and expand the territory.
US Xia Tu mattresses and Mercedes-Benz have reached a strategic cooperation

About Mercedes-Benz / Synchronizing with the World Extending the Value Dimensions

Mercedes-Benz is a world-renowned German car brand known for its high-quality, high-performance automotive products. Its perfect technical level, excellent quality standards, innovative innovations, and a range of classic coupe styles. It is commendable. With the ingenuity of “Made in China, Exclusive China”, Mercedes-Benz creates a modern luxury car that perfectly meets the needs of the Chinese people and opens a journey of ultimate enjoyment.
US Xia Tu mattresses and Mercedes-Benz have reached a strategic cooperation

The new generation cross-border marketing model will benefit dealers and consumers

With the theme of "the strong people galloping, big dreams can be", in today's "ecological world", only strong alliance, complementary advantages, and resource sharing can achieve win-win development.
Based on the existing platform and super 1000w users on the Xia Tu online, there are also 198 brand stores under the line, which is strong; Mercedes-Benz also has its rich resources and strong consumer groups, and the alliance among the three. It can expand the communication effect, make full use of resources, and enjoy mutual benefit, realize the new generation cross-border marketing model, and share the blueprint.
US Xia Tu mattresses and Mercedes-Benz have reached a strategic cooperation
Xi Dongtu founder Deng Dong said: The cooperation with Renfu China and Mercedes-Benz is divided into several stages. First, the dealers' support plan for dealers in 2019 is an important part of brand investment, and plans to reward 60 outstanding dealers in the next 3 years. Mercedes-Benz. "Xia Tu + Mercedes-Benz" - is a cross-border cooperation between furniture and automobile brands, and jointly achieve 1+1>2 composite value, mutual benefit and win-win.

Synchronizing with the world, Xia Tu never stops.

On March 16-20, 2019, at the 41TH Dongguan International Furniture Fair, Xiyatu launched a dealer support plan: “Join the new store business and present the Mercedes-Benz coupe”. In conjunction with Mercedes-Benz, we provide high-quality product customization and R&D, and continue to strengthen the support and support for business terminals.
Xia Tu, Mercedes-Benz and Renfu China are based on long-term cooperation and promote the Group's expansion and strengthening. The two sides will seek more through close communication in the future based on the principle of mutual benefit and resource sharing. A lot of points of convergence, work together for common development and win-win future.
US Xia Tu mattresses and Mercedes-Benz have reached a strategic cooperation